Friday, April 19, 2013

Life of Pi Multiple Choice Questions and Open Essay Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Piscine was named after a ___.
A. Swimming pool
B. Relative
C. Indian actor

2. What is the most dangerous animal in a zoo according to Piscine's father?
A. Alligator
B. Elephant
C. Golden Agouti

3. What was the name of the ship that sank?
B. Titanic
C. Tsimtsum

4. How many religions did Piscine practice out of enjoyment?
A. 2
B. 5
C. 3

5. How long did Piscine survive out in sea?
A. 305 days
B. 165 days
C. 227 days

6. What did Piscine ultimately decide to do with Richard Parker?
A. Train him and keep him alive
B. Wage a war of attrition
C. Drug and kill him

7. What animal is COMMONLY known as the most dangerous animal in the zoo according to the novel?
A. Rhinoceros
B. Man
C. Tiger

8. While on an abandoned island, what did Piscine survive off of during that time?
A. Fruit off of trees
B. Wild Boars
C. Algae

9. Who is Tomohiro Okamoto?
A. A Japanese reporter
B. Captain of the Tsimtsum
C. Female Bengal Tiger

10. What is the formed relationship between Piscine Patel and Richard Parker?
A. One of insecurities and bitterness
B. One of dominance and trust
C. One of loving and protection

Open Essay Questions

1. Religion plays a big role in Life of Pi. Discuss the part of religion in the novel and how it affected Piscine's journey.

2. A recurring motif in Life of Pi is territorial dominance and setting boundaries. How does Piscine's way of marking his territory in the lifeboat serve as a lifesaver and how does his survival guide contribute to creating daily routines?

3. Piscine tells two stories about what happened to him out on sea; one with animals and one without. What does this say about human understanding and believing what is real as well as those who are skeptical and only go off of hard facts?

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